Press Release: June 30, 2022

Dear Armed Forces Tickets Association Members, Ticket Partners and Corporate Sponsors,

Fifteen years ago, I was attending a concert at Riverbend. I said to my companion, Dr. Stanley Kaplan, "Why couldn't all these empty seats be used for our deserving military and their families?" He agreed with me. It would be a win/win . So AFTA-Cincinnati was born and launched in March, 2008.

It has been my pleasure and honor to give back to our courageous military and their families in Greater Cincinnati. If I was able to provide some joy and some relief to them by providing free or discounted tickets to sporting events, fine arts events and educational events, then my mission has been completed.

On July 1, 2022 I will be retiring. I will be handing the baton to Leonard M. Randolph, Jr. MD, Maj Gen USAF (Retired).  We know him as Randy.  I know without a doubt he and the board along with my long-time competent Web Administrator, Dianne Ashcraft, will lead AFTA to new heights and have many exciting new ideas.

I wish Randy and his team all the best. I wish all the military, retired military, veterans and their families who have participated in AFTA over these 15 years all the best. I thank our awesome military and their families for all they do to keep us safe and all their tremendous sacrifices.

A special thank you goes out to all our ticket partners and corporate sponsors for without them AFTA would never be the success that it is.

Most Sincerely,       


Joyce Elkus