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After you attend an arts, entertainment or sporting event, please complete the questionnaire on our website and email it to We appreciate your feedback about the organization!  We appreciate your comments and pictures on Facebook too! 

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Joyce Elkus, Founder & President


RECENT COMMENTS: (updated  12/1/17)  





Jeff Timpe, Army Veteran, share this comment and picture with AFTA, "Just wanted to let everyone know that my family and I had a great time at the game! It was my youngest son’s first NFL game, and he was so excited to see the Bengals win!  Thanks again for all you do!  My family and I really appreciated the tickets! :)"




Dana Jolman sent in this feedback, "Just wanted to thank AFTA again for the tickets to see Tim and Faith this evening!  It was a great concert and great seats as well!"



Michelle Burke shared this comment, "The kiddos had a blast at Disney on ice!!! Thanks again so much!!"



Brian Coolbaugh, Veteran Army, sent us these comments, "Please let the donor know that my brother and I had an amazing time at the game and that I'm more than grateful for the tickets. I would love for him to give me a call so that I may have the opportunity to thank him personally.  Thank you!"

Everett Dula, Active Navy, shared this feedback "What a great view from our seats!  Thank you AFTA!"



Rodger Kidwell, Veteran Army,  shared the following comments and picture, "I wanted to say thank you again for the Reds tickets Dianne! My father and I had a great time. Got a little sun burned and unfortunately the Reds lost but we had a great time and the seats were amazing! Thank you!"



SMSgt Gordon Wager, Active USAF?, sent us these comments, "Thank you so much for the tickets and opportunity of making memories with my family. We were too excited for the event, we went straight to the shops and family center and we forgot to get a family photo.  We truly had a lot of fun. Our oldest son wouldn't stop talking about it on the way out of the event and the way home.  Please let the person who donated them and the WS Open personnel know we had a great time. We appreciate the extra effort and time it took."


Ron Potter, USMC, send us this photo with the comment, "Super fun night at the Western Southern Open.  We got to take our daughter and my mother-in-law with our family four-pack.  Thank you AFTA!"









Robin Stricker-Carnahan, Retired Navy, shared this with AFTA, ""My husband and I attended this event and had the most wonderful time. The music was inspiring the puppets were mesmerizing. Thank you AFTA for all you do!"



James Sanford, Army Veteran (Vietnam), shared this comment with AFTA-Cincinnati, "Just a note to let you know how much we enjoyed this performance. The best ballet we have had the privilege to attend. The moves were really Bold. Their inclusion of the audience was heart warming and really upbeat.  Thank you for this opportunity and please keep them coming!"



John Waksmundski, USMC Veteran, sent us this feedback, "Thank you and please thank everyone responsible for a wonderful evening at the Playhouse in the Park. My best friend (widow and veteran daughter) enjoyed the play and look forward to enjoying many more in the future."




Shannon Suttles, USAF Retired, shared the following with AFTA-Cincinnati:  "I just wanted to thank you for helping to coordinate our tickets for the Coppelia performance.  My girls (9 and 13) absolutely loved their first ballet experience.  I have seen many performances by the Cincinnati Ballet, but hadn't seen Coppelia before.  The seats were on the Orchestra level and were fabulous (I shudder to think what purchasing them would have cost). We had a wonderful time, and as they had our tickets at the will-call table, it could not have been easier.  Thank you so much for this, and for all you do for the larger military community. Thanks again!"



Ed Rutherford, Veteran USAF, sent us this feedback, "Thanks again AFTA!  My wife and I just returned home from a very enjoyable event we would not have gone to without AFTA. The Cincinnati Ballet " Director's Cut" was an impressive performance put on by very talented artists, orchestra, and staff. Thank you so much for all the work and effort you put in to getting donations and distributing them to military families. Thanks also to the organizations that donate the tickets to their events!"



Joshua Witt, KYNG, emailed us this nice note:  "Hello AFTA Friends! Thank you so much for continuing to help our military families. Your programs and opportunities afford such tremendous value, and at no cost to our Service Members.  So many hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are spent on would be initiatives and government sponsored events, yet AFTA is able to actually deliver amazing outcomes for real people.  I am so proud of you and tell your story everywhere I go!  Just today I was able to contact the Kentucky Speedway (based on your email notice) and secure six tickets for an upcoming race in September.  My younger boys and girls are going to love this opportunity!  We remain your biggest fans and cannot express how appreciative we are for your tireless efforts to support our community.  Thank you again for all you do, as joyful volunteers, to ensure unique and amazing opportunities for our kids."



Eric & Heather Anderson, USMC family, sent this comment, "I just wanted to send a thank you to everyone at AFTA for the bikes for my children.  This has been a really tough time for my family financially and you all have been such a blessing to us.  Thank you so very much!!!"

Autumn Beebe, USAF, shared this with AFTA, "I just wanted to say thank you so much for the bicycles! The kids were very excited and I appreciate you guys accommodating us. God bless!"

The Carlson Family, USAR Reserves Veteran, sent us this emai, "Dear AFTA, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for everything you do for us! I'm a disabled Vet on a fixed income and you have made it possible for me to give my boys  things and memories I wouldn't be able to do on my own. Yesterday when we picked up a bike for my youngest son I was blown away at the kindness and concern everyone showed to make sure he got everything he needed. I can't thank you all enough and I hope that others show their gratitude towards your organization! Once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!"



Nick Hoffman, shared this comment, "Hello AFTA! We did go to the game, used all 4 tickets. We had a blast! I know you guys were looking for feedback and it was an exciting time, lots of fun. I would definitely go back to another one.  One input I have is about the student section seating - the tickets were for more of a 'stand at all times' area. A very energetic section to sit in, if that's a way of putting it lol. Not a bad thing, just a heads up for people if they plan to bring families and it is student section seating. Other areas of the stadium are more accommodating for people who want to sit down more often and watch the game in a more conservative section. Hopefully that helps. Overall great experience, very fun! Thanks!"

Jason Ott wrote to us, "Thank you so much for the opportunity to see this game.  What a great venue!  Attendance was great 23k +.  I would definitely recommend you becoming ticket partners with FC Cincinnati.  Once again, thanks for the tickets!"

Kent Martin, US Army, told us "I wanted to thank the sponsors for my family's first soccer game had we had a blast.  It is very family friendly with the kids zone! Thank you and thanks for supporting veterans!!"

Dan O'Brien sent this comment, "Thanks for the soccer tickets. Great game and great afternoon. Took grandson and grand daughter and friend. Good brand of soccer and really enjoyed. Thanks!"

Kayla Kouts gave this feedback, "I just got to Nippert Stadium to receive the tickets for FC Cincinnati. The gentleman at the will call did not cross my name off the list and gave us just two random tickets off the top of the deck that are student section tickets. He didn't seem to recognize the AFTA information. He didn't ask for a military ID and barely looked at the voucher from the AFTA website. I do not want to be penalized for my name not being marked off and hinder my chances of getting tickets in the future. I just don't have a good feeling about it.  I look forward to your response."

John Stewart, U.S. Navy, shared this with AFTA, "Hello, thank you so much for providing these tickets. I am not sure, however, if we received the designated AFTA tickets (tickets were reserved under my wife's email). So, we wanted to make sure you were aware we attended the game. Thanks!" 
Beth Kordenbrock sent this message, "We just wanted to say thank you for the tickets for the FC Cincinnati game yesterday. That was our first time to one of their games and our family is in love with FCC! Thank you again and we are now FCC fans!!"



Erin and Don Kerns and Family, USMC, sent us this comment, "Hello! My family was able to attend Cirque du Soleil for the first time ever, this past week. We cannot thank you enough for allowing us the opportunity to go and view a show so spectacular. Without Afta, my family financially would not be able to spend the money on tickets. This was a truly exceptional gift. Not to mention the seats were excellent!! Thank you for all you do for all our servicemen and servicewomen and their families. It is so greatly appreciated."

Maria Seta let us know that, "The show on Wednesday night was awesome!  My family and I had great seats and really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks!"

The Gilbert Family sent this comment, "Our family was blessed with 4 tickets thru AFTA to attend tonight's performance of Toruk.  It was absolutely amazing to watch and we had wonderful  seats.  Our two girls were on the edge of their seat most of the evening, trying to take in all the majestic action.  We want to thank AFTA and those responsible for the amazing donation.  It was a fabulous experience! Thanks!"

Beth Kordenbrock expressed her gratitude, "Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend Cirque Du Soleil, Toruk! It was truly an AMAZING SHOW and we absolutely loved every minute of it!! Being able to get out and attend such an awesome event was just what our family needed! Thank you again!!"



Kevin Shay shared this,  "AFTA just continues to overdeliver. Wow was that concert amazing. And not just that I got to go thanks to AFTA but I was able to bring my girlfriend and her work friends. I was truly a big hit all because of you. Blake who....I was the one who felt like the rockstar. When I enlisted in the Army I never forsaw anything like AFTA but now there is no better representation of karma and just good juju than the maxing opportunities AFTA provides. Many thanks and Blake killed it, so awesome, overly impressed."


Dennis Harris Jr sent this comment, "I just wanted to thank AFTA and Blake Shelton for the tickets for Thursday night @ US Bank Arena. We all had a great time and it was a great show.  I was so happy to say Cincinnati was the first stop of Blake's 2016 Tour." 


Rebecca Hall (and family) shared this comment, "Good morning, first of all, we would like to thank the staff of AFTA for providing another amazing opportunity for our armed forces. Our family greatly appreciates your efforts and value the time and commitment you continually give. As for the concert, it was amazing! The seats we were given were spectacular-especially considering they were free of charge. The show showcased Blake's entire career and definitely did not disappoint. He was an excellent performer and can't wait to get to another show next tour. Blake's donation to the military and their families speaks volumes about his character-making us even bigger fans than we already were. Thanks for another great opportunity!"


Tara Drummond sent this feedback, "Thank you so much for the tickets!  Blake Shelton was amazing!  Loved the concert and all of the old school music.  One of the best concerts I have ever attended.  We greatly appreciated the opportunity to attend the concert and everything AFTA and U.S. Bank does for the military community.  My husband is active duty at the Reserve Station Downtown and I know all of the Marines appreciate the opportunity to take their families to these special events. Thank you, Blake, you were amazing and Chris Janson was a great opening act!"


Nichole Kinney shared this comment, "Thank you so much for this opportunity!! The seats were amazing and we had a great time!! My family enjoyed that they were able to join me when we really didn't have the money to go.. It is extremely nice of you to recognize that the military and their families are in your mind when you decided to donate these tickets to us. Thanks so much!!"


Elena Cortez let us know, "I went to the concert and have to say for my first concert it was amazing. Loved it and had a great time. Blake was amazing and I got more then I expected out of the concert. Thank you very much!"


Erica and Nathen Webb shared the following, "My husband Nathen and I attended the Blake Shelton concert. It was by far the best concert that we have been to. The overall experience was anazing, and very touching for us. Especially with Blake ending the night with our song "God Gave Me You". Thank you for allowing us to be a part of his opening night of his tour!"


SSgt Patricia Crawford sent us this comment, "This email is in regards to submission of feedback for the concert.  I had a fun time at the concert with my family.  We Got introduced to Chris Janson- our first time hearing his songs and of him.  Blake is hilarious and I followed along during the show posting on Twitter and other social media with my #BSCincy hashtag.  I posted in my pic of me and my sister "Boys Round Here" for that is my all time favorite Blake Shelton song.  At first I thought he wouldn't perform it, but he made my night when he closed the show with it!! I left with a huge smile on my face and highly energized.  I had no idea he was having a concert or in time so we are so appreciative that he thought of the military and our families to enjoy the concert."

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