What is the mission of AFTA-Cincinnati ?

Armed Forces Tickets Association (AFTA-Cincinnati) ia a 501c3 non profit organization that was created to show appreciation to our active Armed Forces, Guard and Reserves men, women and their families by making available free or deeply discounted event tickets by partnering with Arts, Entertainment and Sports organizations.


Who is eligible for AFTA-Cincinnati discounts and free tickets?

Presently, we are offering the free and discounted tickets to active U.S. Military (Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy), Guard (National, State and Coast Guard) and Reserves (of all branches) and their immediate families (husband, wife and children/stepchildren; if unmarried - will allow parents of the service person).  Active military must present a valid service id or family members may present valid dependent id to receive tickets. We also make offers available to Blue Star Families (families of Fallen Heroes/KIA/MIA).  Occasionally offers will be available for Veterans. Retired Military and Wounded Warriors. Only the veteran/retiree is permitted to sign up on our website and be the person to pickup tickets, unless both spouses are veterans.  The veteran must present DD214 or other form of veteran ID to receive tickets. Fallen Heroes Families must be pre-registered as such on our website.  Offers are not available to civilian personnel working in military installations.


What kind of identification do I need to get tickets?

Active Military identification, military dependent id or Veteran/Retired ID or DD214 must be presented by AFTA members attending any event (at venue box office) along with the AFTA-Cincinnati voucher.  Please check the Event Page and Ticket Partner page for more details.


What areas of the country does AFTA-Cincinnati serve?

AFTA-Cincinnati currently serves the Greater Cincinnati, Tri-State areas consisting of Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and South Eastern Indiana at this time. We are not a national organization, but we hope to be the model for other cities to provide the same type of services for our active military in the future.  At this time, we do not have any other partner organizations in any other cities.  We do not know of any organization like us. 


How do I register for tickets or register on your website?

There are a few different ways to subscribe to our website.  The easiest is step 1 below. 
  1. To receive tickets to events through the AFTA-Cincinnati website, please register on the EVENT TAB in any active event.  You will have the opportunity to create your own password when you do this process.  If you want to use any active event to do this, you can always email us at [email protected] to cancel the tickets from your login id.  But, you will be all set up for the next event that you are actually interested in attending.
  2. If there is no active event with tickets available, you may register on the CONTACT US Tab.  If you wish to receive tickets from AFTA-Cincinnati, you must fill out EVERY field on this page to receive a temporary password and be able to register for future events.  If you fail to fill out everything, you will only delay the process of getting a password. So, please help us to help you by filling out everything.
  3. If you only want to subscribe to the newsletter or email blasts and do not want to receive tickets, please fill out the E-NEWSLETTER page or CONTACT US page and leave us a comment that says you only want to get our emails and are not interested in tickets.
  4. For questions, please fill out the Contact Us Page completely and someone will contact you within 1-2 business days.
  5. Please include your home and cell phone number, so that we can contact you if we have ticket cancellations.  


When did the AFTA-Cincinnati site go live?

The original AFTA-Cincinnati site went live on March 27, 2008, the official launch date of Armed Forces Ticket Association - Cincinnati. Our current site went live on September 29, 2008. 


I am not a partner. How can I donate my some or all of my season tickets?

If you are not a partner, but wish to donate some or all of your season tickets to an event/venue, we would welcome your donation. Please call us at 513-207-6944 or use the "Contact Us" section of the website. Be sure to leave details on how and when is the best time to contact you. Also, we advise that you allow us plenty of notice (week or more) so that we may be able to distribute your tickets in a timely manner. Thank you for your interest!


How can I make a donation to AFTA-Cincinnati?

If you wish to make a donation, please send a check made payable to:

4 Woodcreek Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45241

You will receive a 501c3 acknowledgement letter for tax purposes for your donation.

Also, if you are not a current ticket partner, but have tickets to an event/venue that you would like to donate, please contact us via telephone or the Contact Us section of the website.  I'm sorry, but we don't accept donations by credit card on our website at this time. If you have any other questions regarding donations, please use the Contact Us section of the website. Thank you for your interest.


How often is the website updated?

As new ticket/event information becomes available, it will be posted on the Upcoming Events Page, so please feel free to check the website often! Also be sure to sign up for our E-Newsletter so you will be among the first to know when events are being posted on our website at


Can my organization become a partner?

If you would like to be a partner organization, please let us know. We can be reached by selecting "Contact Us" from the menu at the left and filling out the form.


What type of events are available?

A variety of Art and Theatre events
Museum events
Sporting Events
Concerts, Music
Civic Events
Local attractions


How much is the standard ticket discount?

The levels of ticket discounts vary due to the many types of organizations that are partnering with AFTA-Cincinnati. Based on individual events, there can be free event tickets, free admissions, blocks of tickets or discounted tickets. Go to the Ticket Partner Pages to search current standard discounts and ticket availability. Also be sure to click on the Events Tab at the top or Free Events link at the left for current events and their discounts.  Also, check the Upcoming Events Page.


Do we get the tickets from you or the venue?

In most instances, you will obtain your tickets at the venue by presenting your valid ID and an AFTA-Cincinnati voucher. You will need to search this site for the event you are interested in attending, and then click on "Buy Tickets". You are actually reserving your tickets on our site and printing a voucher to show to the Box Office at the venue where you will receive your free tickets or make the final purchase of your discount ticket. (We do not sell tickets nor do we accept credit cards or payments of any type for tickets on this website.)  

We may also from time to time mail tickets out for events.  It is important that your U.S. Mailing Address is up-to-date on our website.  You can check and make any changes necessary by logging onto the Event Tab and selecting the drop down at the top right where it says Welcome and your name.  Modify your profile to change any information, including mailing address or password.  If your email address changes, please contact us by email to let us know.  We will make that change for you.

Once you have made your ticket decision, you will print the voucher from this site and present it along with your Military Identification to redeem the tickets. At times, AFTA-Cincinnati will receive blocks of tickets which will be made available by email blasts to military groups and to our email list (subscribe on the website). Be sure to sign up for our E-Newsletter so you will be the first to find out about new events or postings to the website.  Be sure to browse the Event Tab often in advance of email blasts!


How many events can I register for each month?

AFTA-Cincinnati reserves the right to limit your registrations to one event per venue per family per month.  You may register for multiple venues, but we do ask that you be considerate of your fellow military families and don't sign up for everything.  If everyone cooperates, attends the events that they register for, and/or emails us to well in advance to cancel attendance at an event, then our program remains viable and sustainable for years to come.  However if members fail to follow these guidelines, then our program will be in jeopardy of losing ticket partners.  We reserve the right to ban anyone who abuses the website, fails to follow the guidelines, or consistently fails to show up for events. While we realize last minute cancellations may happen, we ask that you keep that to a minimum.


What identification is acceptable for redeeming or picking up tickets?

For active military - the military id issued by the government and dependent id issued for family members are valid forms of identification. For veterans - a DD214, dog tags, VFW card or the notation on your Drivers License as veteran are all acceptable forms of identification.


Do you accept requests for tickets to upcoming events (wish list) by phone or email?  Can I be put on a wait-list for tickets?

Yes, for certain events we will accept wait-list requests by email. All tickets are distributed on a first-come, first served basis,  Keep in mind that we ask everyone to be considerate of other military families and to not sign up for every  event.  Please visit the Upcoming Events page to plan your ticket selection wisely and considerately.  We no longer have a wish list program and we encourage you to browse our website evenings and weekends to look for newly posted events.


What is your Cancellation and No-Show policy?

AFTA-Cincinnati  requires that members cancel tickets by a cancellation cutoff date.  The cancellation cutoff date is posted on every event and on every voucher received by email. Failure to cancel in a timely manner will result in a suspension of ticket privileges at our venues and after two no-shows in one year, a permanent suspension of all privileges on our website.  You can read our entire policy by clicking on the Cancellation/No-Show Policy link on our home page (left column).




Thanks for your interest in AFTA-Cincinnati! 

If there are questions which you think should be answered here and we don't already have the question listed here, please let us know. It's our goal to make this site easy to use and provide the information that you may be seeking.

Please contact us via the Contact Us Page if you have any general question not answered here.


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