Below is the current AFTA-Cincinnati policy to handle cancellations and no-shows.  No-shows and failure to cancel tickets in a timely manner will not be tolerated.

Each event has a cancellation cutoff date posted on the Event page and also in the voucher emailed to the member. The cancellation cutoff date is the date that AFTA-Cincinnati has to provide a guest list to the venue or mail/email the tickets to members. With the new Electronic Ticketing being used by major venues - Reds, Bengals, Western Southern, etc., cancelling before the cancellation cutoff date allows us adequate time to find a replacement or to transfer tickets to AFTA members on our wait list.  Cancelling by 12:00 noon on the day of an event at any of the venues that use Electronic Ticketing can help us ensure no ticket goes to waste!  Not cancelling at all causes the tickets to go unused and the venue to lose money.  No-shows by our members  jeopardizes our ability to get tickets from the venue in the future.  We want to maintain our good relationships with all of our ticket partners and no-shows jeopardize that relationship.

Therefore, the following is AFTA-Cincinnati's Cancellation/No-Show policy:

1.  Members must cancel by email (not voicemail) to [email protected] by or before the Cancellation Cutoff Date/Time.  The absolute Cutoff is 12 noon on the day of any event at a venue that uses Electronic Ticketing.

2.  Failure to cancel and no-show at any venue, without just cause, will result in a one year suspension of ticket privileges at the venue.  Even one no-show will result in a permanent exclusion from ticket privileges at some venues.  We will respect the decision of those venues. The member who is a no-show will receive notification by email of suspension of privileges. Tickets are NOT transferable to anyone who is not a family member or AFTA member without prior notice to us.  An AFTA member may not send another person to pick up tickets unless pre-approved by AFTA-Cincinnati or the venue.  We have waitlists for tickets and it is our responsibility to find replacements when you cannot use your tickets.

3. Failure to cancel and no-show for a second time within the same fiscal year at any other venue, without just cause, will result in permanent suspension of all ticket privileges on the AFTA-Cincinnati website.  The member will receive notification of their permanent suspension from the website and will be refused tickets. They may not re-register on the site with another email address.

We respectfully ask that all members abide by this policy and request tickets only if they are 100% certain they will use them.  We reiterate that AFTA Members are not allowed to transfer tickets to others.  We may have a wait list for the event and it is our responsibility to get those tickets to waiting AFTA-Members.

Our end goal is that there will be few cancellations and a cessation of no-shows. 

We thank you for your service to our country.  We thank our Ticket Partners for donating so that you and your families can enjoy quality R&R time.